Planned Giving

The 1776 Legacy Society
Inspiring a Tradition

Inspiring a Tradition

One person's gift can inspire a tradition. More than 220 years ago, Peter Johnston gave Samuel Stanhope Smith 100 acres of farmland in Prince Edward County on which to build Hampden-Sydney College. From this gift emerged both an exceptional college and a legacy of generosity. Hampden-Sydney College today is a living record of this legacy. It is a reflection of the achievements, ideals, and dreams of the generations that have shaped a college of distinction. Hampden-Sydney benefactors share a sense of pride because their commitment makes a difference at the College - and ultimately in the society it serves.

The 1776 Legacy Society, named after Hampden-Sydney's inaugural year, was established to recognize the many alumni and friends who, through intended bequests or life income gifts, have provided for the College's future. Members of The 1776 Legacy Society have a special status at Hampden-Sydney. By virtue of their generosity, benefactors have enabled Hampden-Sydney to achieve its status as a national liberal arts college. Each gift now helps to ensure a future of enduring strength, vitality, and growth for Hampden-Sydney. Your commitment is one of the College's greatest assets.

Historically, bequests have helped maintain fiscal stability and planned gifts to the College have become an important source of support. They have provided buildings, scholarships, and resources to foster excellence and growth. The College hopes that many more alumni and friends will consider this way of supporting and sharing the College's future.

Joining the Society

Membership in The 1776 Legacy Society will be permanent. It will continue from year to year throughout the member's lifetime, so long as the provision remains in effect. The membership will be included each year in the annual Honor Roll of Donors. In addition, a membership certificate will be provided to all members.

All that is necessary to qualify for inclusion in The 1776 Legacy Society is to inform Hampden-Sydney of the provision you have made for the College in your estate plan. The amount of the intended bequest or life income gift is not a factor. It does not have to be disclosed. The fact that you have made the commitment is enough.

If you have included Hampden-Sydney in your estate plans, you are encouraged to contact our office so that we can recognize you for your generosity. Those who do not want publicity will be listed as "anonymous" in published Honor Roll of Donors.

Careful gift planning offers each individual the opportunity to make a gift that will continue helping young Hampden Sydney men for generations to come. Regardless of the method or the amount of the gift planning arrangement, we are deeply grateful to each and every member of The 1776 Legacy Society and especially appreciative of their thoughtful commitment to the future financial well-being of the college.